The Album is Finished!!

The new album will be available on Jan 15th, 2019!

We have recorded, mixed, mastered, and remastered this album to perfection. It is the project I am the most proud of... 10 completely new original songs... 46 minutes of rock with some world music overtones. A journey that takes the listener from the starting point of a decision or a "Gate Between Two Walls" whether they will decide to live for themselves or for God. Is this not the decision we all must constantly make?  

The drummer in our band (Jason Cizdziel) is a full time missionary in Papua New Guinea, and a few of the songs on the album include the native tongue of the Wabuku tribe where he is serving.  The Wabuku language has no written form, only spoken, and a tribesman can be heard saying "Who will come tell us?" before the song Rest My Head begins.  The song that follows leaves us with a sobering commentary on a commercialistic society who is taught to make as much money as possible only to leave it all behind when they die.  It makes the listener ask themselves what is truly important in life... "This is what I learn, die for what I earn, take it to my grave, and bury it the same."

Later in the album a change takes place musically and lyrically to a surrendered heart on Follow saying "I'll never leave Your side, I'm breathing in Your life, I'll leave my past behind, For You alone are mine."  Finally, the album ends with a life that looks back at all it has accomplished and lived, with many regrets, but still saying "Calm the tempest in my heart, cast me not aside.  Let me know that You are here..." before taking its last breath.

This is an album meant to be listened to from start to finish... an ambitious composition of world percussion, violins, electric guitars, and choirs.  It is the story of humanity, of Christ breaking through and making a way.  It is the daily struggle of letting go, of thinking we know what is best and then wandering the wilderness only to find out we come back to the place where we started, needing a Savior.  I hope you will take that journey with us...

Your investment in supporting us as a local artist means a LOT to us, here's the skinny on how you can buy the album:

  • The album drops Jan 15th, 2019.

  • On that date you can buy it here at

  • It will be available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and Spotify in February-March 2019.



New Band Members!

Unbroken Light is excited to announce that it has officially added two new band members!  Becca Griffitts - a singing powerhouse and multi-instrument playing songwriter from the Fredericksburg, VA area and Matt Fitz - an experienced and exceptionally talented drummer from the Stafford, VA area.  We are so excited to see where this next chapter leads us musically and spiritually.  There will be some new music coming soon, so stay tuned!  We also want to take time to congratulate Matt White, our vocalist and bass player, on his graduation from Radford University with a Music Therapy degree.  Congrats Matt!

New Shirts!

New Unbroken Light stickers and T-shirts are now for sale on our website!  The T-shirts are American Apparel brand shirts (high quality 100% fine combed cotton) made in the USA and feel incredibly comfortable!  The new vinyl UV coated black and white stickers feature our cathedral logo design and are great for indoor or outdoor use.  Any and all profits we make from merchandise sales go right back into our music... we greatly appreciate the support!  Check out the new items here: